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Rescue with AirAccess

Rescue with AirAccess


While the rescue hoist represents the traditional approach for rescue and evacuation applications, fixed rope systems or alternative variable rope systems are of increasing importance in helicopter operations for rescue and evacuation. ecms manufactures a variety of systems suitable for this purpose. Most outstanding features of these systems are:

  • High load capacity
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Maximum safety through load path redundancy
  • Easy handling and stability through twin rope application
  • High availability, low maintenance requirements
  • Flexibility in choice of operation type

Close the chain

The various national standards and requirements for personnel carrying devices (PCDs like harness, rescue stretcher etc.) make it difficult for a single product to comply with each and every rule. Therefore, we at ecms now include the PCDs within the Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) of our HEC / Rescue systems in such a way that the ENTIRE load chain, from the helicopter via the ropes down to the PCD, including connectors, snap hooks and slings, is covered by the aeronautical approval. In addition, the PCDs approved with our systems by EASA STCs can even be used with third-party external load systems (Rescue hoists, HEC approved cargo hooks etc.).

In addition to their STC certification, our PCDs, ropes and connecting elements comply with the highest european standards (EN standards, safety class III). Annual monitoring and batch testing by independent EN approved test labs guarantees an unmatched level and consistency of quality.

Almost any helicopter can help

In times of trouble, the established rwescue helicopter network might not be enough. For disaster relief, ecms external load systems for rescue applications can be quickly installed into many helicopter types without the necessity of having fixed provisions or other special capabilities.

In severe emergency scenarios, even a VIP helicopter can be turned into a rescue helicopter with provisions for mass evacuation in a matter of minutes. Since the flight handling of our twin rope system is much simpler than e.g. handling of a hoist operation, the systems require less training hours for the crews in order to achieve the necessary operational and security standards. Thus, even crews and helicopters normally not operating as rescue helicopters/teams on a regular basis can make a sgnificant contribution in disaster relief.

In less difficult times, the external load systems can be used to broaden the operational spectrum of the helicopter for conventional external load applications.

quick and safe

quick and safe



personnel carrying device



AirAccess and the RescueBeam

AirAccess and the RescueBeam

HEMS crewmembers practise evacuation

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