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AD 15-117

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Design - EASA-certified Part21 J design organisation (DO approval number EASA.21J.301)

ecms acts as independent design organisation in accordance with EASA part21 J regulations. Our approval includes modifications (major and minor) for rotorcraft equipment in compliance with EASA CS27 and CS29 regulations. The design organisation approval requires an approvedquality management system. Our Q system is monitored through internal processes and is anually audited through EASA. Thus, it is ensured that our designs are compliant with the latest in european aviation requirements and rulemaking.
Our DOA approval permits us to certify our design results in such a way that our products can be delivered with a valid EASA Form One. In case of minor changes, the design can be certified without involvement of the european agency within our own procedural framework. Major changes are certified through our design office in cooperation with the european agency EASA - the certification result is a valid supplemental type certificate (STC) which allows us to perform the modification in accordance with the design data defined by us and approved through EASA.

Production - EASA-certified Part21 G production organisation (PO approval number DE.21G.0153)

After design and certification, ecms manufactures their products in accordance with Part21 G regulations. Our production organisation approval is monitored through annual audits by the german national aviation authority LBA in accordance with EASA requirements. Our PO-approval also enables us to produce for other design organisations. Currently, ecms also produces a small percentage of its output as approved PO for the Eurocopter design organization. The PO approval makes sure that our components are delivered with all the necessary paperwork, including EASA Form One.

Maintenance - EASA-certified Part145 maintenance organisation (PO approval number DE.145.0489)

In order to provide full after sales services and life cycle support, ecms can offer full maintenance services for all the products and components manufactured through our PO. For this purpose we entertain an approved Part 145 workshop with the necessary C6 rating. Components maintained by ecms are re-delivered with EASA Form One Release-to-Service certificate

Approved supplier

ecms is approved supplier for many manufacturers and operators, including Eurocopter and NHI


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