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AD 15-117

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Fast roping, rappelling and human external cargo device

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The EAD01 is our standard device for fast roping and rappelling on the EC135 and EC145.

In combination with the LifeLine or Varioline load attachment devices, it can be turned into an efficient external load system capable of supporting 2x 270kg HEC or NHEC loads per helicopter.

The EAD01 is fixed to the helicopter hoist interfaces via quick release pins. Attachment is done using either lightweight fixed interfaces (IK135 sets for the EC135, hoist adapters for the EC145), or the retractable adapters of the RIA series. Whith these interfaces, the primary rope point can be brought out of the range of the landing skids, thus making fast roping operations much safer.

Additional equipment (harnesses, connectors etc.) usable with the EAD02 is included in the certified HRS01 package

Product-ID EAD01
Applications Fast roping, Rappelling, External cargo (HEC and NHEC)
For Helicopter EC135, EC145 (BK-117 C2)
Can be combined with RIA01, RIA02, RIA03, LifeLine, VarioLine, HRS01
Certificates STCs EASA.R.S.01349, EASA.R.S.01350
System weight approx. 11.7kg per unit
Load capability max. 270kg
Time needed for installation approx. 2 min. with two persons


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Device data sheet

External fast roping, rappelling HEC/NHEC cargo device


Fast roping Initial training

Fast roping Initial training

With the EAD01 device on an EC135

German special forces practise fast roping
EAD01 ops demo

EAD01 ops demo

A brief demonstration of typical operations with the EAD01 system

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