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Fast roping and rappelling device

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The EAD02 is a retractable external device for fast roping and rappelling on the EC145. It includes a manual retraction mechanism for the swivel arm and can support applied loads of up to 165kg. The EAD02 is attached to the rescue hoist interfaces of the helicopter.

The EAD02 package features an optional retractable platform to be installed in the cabin. The platform can be extended out of the cabin in such a way that SWAT team members can easily reach out for the ropes attached to the fast roping hook of the EAD02 swivel arm.

Almost all features of the EAD02 are now also available for the lighter and more versatile EAD01, so make sure you check on EAD01 as well.

Additional equipment (harnesses, connectors etc.) usable with the EAD02 is included in the certified HRS01 package.

Product-ID EAD02
Applications Fast roping, Rappelling
For Helicopter EC145 (BK-117 C2)
Can be combined with HRS01
Certificates National STC RC1247, approved by EASA No 2004-6387
System weight approx. 26kg per unit
Load capability max. 165kg
Time needed for installation approx. 2 min. with two persons


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